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Enterprise Users

If you are an Enterprise user, you can set your billing profile to add a new credit card or ACH account, create cost centers, and set your billing preferences to receive single or multiple bills. For details, refer to:

Billing Preferences

Billing Preferences offer you the flexibility to control your billing needs for all your 8x8 services. The options vary based on your subscription type. You have the option to select Consolidated Bill under Billing Preferences. Once you select consolidated billing, you cannot go back to unconsolidated billing. You receive a warning message that this change cannot be undone.

Note: SMB customers do not see Billing Preferences.

Under consolidated billing, you can choose to receive a single bill for all of your services, or select multiple bills (one for each cost center) to break down the cost and service details by cost center. Cost Center is a feature for enterprise customers to customize their billing needs. For example, if your company PBX has two branches, such as San Jose and San Francisco, you may choose to have separate billing for each branch. Creating a cost center for each branch enables you to manage the separate billing needs.
For details, refer to Cost Centers.

Cost Centers

A cost center allows you to keep track of expenses for each department, branch, or location. For example, if your company has branches in multiple geographic locations, you can create a cost center for each branch and track the expenses individually. When you create a cost center manually, you must add accounts to the cost center. Each account is based on a service type. For services:

You can create cost centers manually, or automatically if you have branches. To access cost centers, go to Billing > Cost Centers.


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