Use Your Internet Fax

With 8x8 Internet Fax, your fax service is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Inbound fax documents are collected in your inbox along with voicemail, call history, call recordings, Virtual Office Meetings history, and chat history. You can send virtually any document on your computer as a fax. The local fax number you choose can be combined with additional fax numbers or toll-free numbers to enhance your presence while conducting business.

With 8x8 Internet Fax, you can:

  • Fax one or more documents and choose the order of documents before sending the fax.
  • Customize a global fax cover sheet template to use repeatedly. Enter the name and fax number for each new fax, and the professional fax cover is automatically generated.
  • Send a single cover page fax without attaching any files.

Fax Notifications

You are notified of an incoming fax via a push notification () on the Fax tab icon if you are logged in to the 8x8 Work for Desktop. Based on your notification settings, you may see the 8x8 Work for Desktop pop up or show an alert on receiving a fax. In addition, you may choose to have a fax notification sent to your email account with a link to the fax. You can add up to five email addresses to also receive the incoming fax notifications.

Note: A temporary archive of all faxes can be found under History > Faxesthe Fax tab in the 8x8 Work for Desktop for up to 120 days. Outbound faxes are marked with . You can permanently archive faxes to your personal computer or local area network storage at any time.