Check Call Logs

If you are logged in to the 8x8 Work for Mobile on your device, your device displays a notification to notify you of a missed 8x8 Work call. You can go to your call logs to view past and missed calls via either the notification, or the navigation menu in your application.

  1. Tap to open the main menu.
  2. From the main menu, select Call Log.
    From the navigation menu, tap .
    A record of your inbound and outbound calls opens. You can redial any number from your call log by tapping the contact listed in the call log.
  3. Tap next to a call to view the call log details, such as call type, duration, and routing method.

    You can copy the following information from the call details by pressing and holding:
    • Name
    • Extension
    • Phone number

Note: The call log shows all calls made and received by your 8x8 Work for Mobile only, including missed calls.