Configure Advanced Meeting Settings

While scheduling a Virtual Office meeting, tap Advanced Settings to further customize your meeting:

Setting Functionality
Maximum Participants View the total participants the meeting can support.
Remaining Participants View how many more participants can be invited to the meeting.
Time Zone Set the time zone for your meeting.
International dial outs Allow dialing international numbers during the meeting.
Dial In Numbers View dial-in phone numbers for domestic or international meeting participants to use.
Host required to start the meeting Determine whether a host must start the meeting before non-host participants can join.
Start with all participants muted Start the meeting with participant microphones muted.
Participants can see each other Allow participants to see each other in the Participants list.
Group chat Allow group chat during the meeting.
Participants can invite others Allow non-host participants to invite new participants during the meeting.
Entry/Exit Audio Announcements Play audio announcements upon a host or participant joining or leaving meeting audio.
Entry/Exit Display Notifications Display notifications upon a host or participant joining or leaving the meeting.

When you are finished, tap Done to return to the Schedule Meeting screen.