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In order to take advantage of the 8x8 integration with HubSpot, you must install and configure integration with Virtual Office and/or Virtual Contact Center. Configuring integration for HubSpot requires you to:

Create HubSpot App for the Integration

Once you have authorized 8x8 integration with HubSpot, you can create a HubSpot app for the integration.

To create a new app in HubSpot:

  1. To create a developer account, sign up here:
  2. Once you have a developer account and log in, you see the developer dashboard. To begin app setup, click Create an app.
  3. At the prompt, give your app a name, set the visibility level to Public, and confirm to create the app.
  4. In the application details page that opens, enter the appropriate OAuth redirect URL to enable Open Authentication (OAuth) for integration users.
  5. Copy the Client ID and Client secret parameters, as they are required for OAuth.
  6. In the application details page, scroll down to the Scopes section, select the check boxes for Contacts and Content, and save your changes.
  7. Copy the Scope query parameter, as it is also required for OAuth.

Authorize Your HubSpot Integration

To authorize the integration you created for your organization, enter the appropriate authorization URL in your browser.

To authorize your integration:

  1. Once you have your client ID,enter your authorization URL in the browser. Your URL will appear in the following format, with portions in bold replaced with parameters specific to your organization, and the surrounding brackets removed:{client_id}

    Note: For details on constructing your organization's authorization URL, see HubSpot help content on Open Authentication (OAuth).

    If you are not logged in, enter your HubSpot admin credentials.

  2. At the prompt, confirm the HubSpot account you created.
  3. At the integration permissions prompt, confirm to grant the integration access to user, account, and contact information.
  4. Upon confirming, you are redirected to the OAuth redirect URL that you specified in the app settings page when creating the app.
  5. Note down the code={grant_token} parameter that appears in the URL you are redirected to. This is a short-lived token that is valid for one minute, and is used to generate access tokens and refresh tokens.


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