Get started with Virtual Office for Zendesk

Once you have access to 8x8 Virtual Office for Zendesk, follow the checklist below to get started:

Before you begin

To use the integration, you need:

  • Login access to a Zendesk account.
  • Login access to an 8x8 Virtual Office extension.

Virtual Office for Zendesk functionality depends on your also being logged in to the Virtual Office desktop or mobile app.

Log in

Once your administrator enables access to Virtual Office for Zendesk, you can log in to the integration at any time.

To log in to Virtual Office for Zendesk:

  1. In the Zendesk header bar, click the 8x8 integration icon to launch the integration.
  2. At the prompt, enter your Virtual Office extension credentials to log in to the integration, which opens as a panel in the Zendesk interface. You can quickly minimize or reopen the panel as needed by clicking the integration icon in the header.

    Note: When you are on a call in Virtual Office for Zendesk, your status in the 8x8 Work desktop app and 8x8 Work mobile app changes to indicate that you are busy on a call.

Tour the interface

The Virtual Office for Zendesk interface consists of a navigation menu with the following menu items:

Under the VO tab, you can access:

  • Phone : Access your dial pad, view your active calls, and take notes to log calls.
  • Call Log : Access all historic inbound and outbound calls to the extension. You can also view a list of unworked calls that you have not yet logged, and clear the list once you have created the relevant logs.
  • Contacts : Search for contacts from Zendesk and the 8x8 Virtual Office contact directory.
  • More : Click to access the following option:
    • Logout: Log out of the integration.
  • Settings : Customize your integration settings.
    • Integrations > Zendesk: Manage your Zendesk integration settings for call logging and screen pop. Connect or disconnect Virtual Office for Zendesk with your Zendesk account.
    • Locale: Specify your locale.
    • Report a problem: Provide feedback on Virtual Office for Zendesk or contact 8x8 Support.
    • About: View details on your 8x8 extension and Virtual Office for Zendesk.

Under the Search tab, you can search for contacts by name, phone number, or email address. When the desired record is located, clicking on the contact phone number places an outbound call to them.