Handle calls in Virtual Office for SugarCRM

8x8 Virtual Office for SugarCRM is dependent on your Virtual Office extension being active. In order to handle calls, you must also be logged into your 8x8 Work or 8x8 Work for Mobile. If your Virtual Office extension is assigned with a desk phone, use the call control panel in the application to answer incoming and outgoing calls.

Access contacts

From the Search tab, using names or numbers search for contacts from your Virtual Office contact directory and/or SugarCRM. Clicking the Magnifying Glass icon will display the contacts SugarCRM business card if they exist within SugarCRM.

Note: By default, you can search for contacts and accounts. To enable searching for Leads, Opportunities, and Cases, go to Settings > Integrations > Sugar. Enable the desired objects under Search Types.

About screen pop

During an inbound or outbound call, 8x8 Virtual Office for SugarCRM looks up the phone number of the caller and then searches for a matching record in SugarCRM. On finding a matching record, it presents the record for you in a new tab to preview and prepare for the call. This process is referred to as screen pop.

Receive calls

When a call is made or received a search will locate the matching record and present the screen pop. The search may return:

  • A single match: The matching record is presented in a new browser tab.
  • Multiple matches: In the event of multiple matching contacts, the app lists all matches in the Search tab. Click next to the desired record to view the details. By default, the call log is linked to the first record in the list. No screen pop occurs in the event of multiple contacts being matched.
  • No match: In the absence of matching records, a call record is created. While in the call, if you create a new user record or search for an existing record, the call log is assigned to the possible match.

Place calls

You can place outbound calls using:

  • Dialing the phone number from the dial pad
  • Via click-to-dial using Virtual Office

For phone numbers dialed from the dial pad, the system looks for a matching record and shows a screen pop for preview.

To use click-to-dial from Virtual Office:

  1. Open Virtual Office for SugarCRM.
  2. Select the Contacts tab.
  3. Search for a contact. This contact can be both in the SugarCRM or Virtual Office contact directory.
  4. Hover over the contact to reveal the Phone icon.
  5. Click the icon to dial out to that contact.

Note: All outbound calls are two legged calls. When you dial out, the call is first dialed out to your Virtual Office extension. Once the call is accepted in Virtual Office, the call dials out to the dialed party.

Log calls

Upon terminating a call, 8x8 Virtual Office for SugarCRM generates a call record. The call record includes information such as transaction ID, the time the call was answered, and the duration of the call. A call record is created for inbound and outbound interactions and is automatically saved.

Depending on the number of matches, call records can be linked to the end-user record as follows:

  • Single match: If there is a matching record, the call record is created and associated as a call to the record.
  • Multiple matches: In the event of multiple matching contacts, there is no screen pop. The call record is created and linked to the first contact record in the search list.
  • No match: In the absence of a matching record, a message indicates the lack of a matching record. The call is logged and the call record opens. You have the opportunity to create a new contact from the call record.

Track incomplete call records

If agents are busy and unable to complete the call record activity immediately after the call, they can do so at their leisure by accessing the incomplete records in the following way:

To track call records from the Virtual Office Call History tab:

The Call history tab offers all your call history and activity. From here you can return the call as well as access the call record.

  1. From Virtual Office for SugarCRM, click the Call History icon.
  2. You can select to view either Allor Unprocessed calls.
  3. Locate the call and hover over the details.
  4. Click the Notes icon to open the call record in a new tab.

    You can also search under Sugar > Contacts > Calls.

Use call controls

While on a call in Virtual Office for SugarCRM, you have access to call controls that enhance your calling experience. Using the call controls, you can:

  • Place a call on hold.
  • Transfer the call to a colleague or supervisor who is better informed to help the customer.
  • Add another call and merge calls for a conference.
  • Record the call.
    Call recordings are located within your version Virtual Office. From the left select the or icon. Select Call Recordings to display a list of all recordings made.