About screen pop

During an inbound call, the 8x8 Virtual Office app searches for records with matching phone number in the following Salesforce objects.

  • Account
  • Contact

On finding a matching record, it presents the record in a separate browser tab or window. You can preview the contact information and prepare for the call. This process is commonly referred to as screen pop.

The screen pop occurs:

  • Inbound calls: when a call is connected
  • Outbound calls: when a call is offered

Note: In Classic mode, the screen pop opens in a separate browser window.

Based on the matching records, an incoming or an outbound call can pop a single record, a list multiple records, or pop no records in the absence of matching records:

Add new contacts

On receiving a call from an unknown contact, the app allows you to create a new case or contact.

To create a new case or contact:

  1. Upon an incoming call from an unknown contact, click Accept to answer the call.
  2. A new tab or window called New Case, opens in Salesforce to create a new Salesforce case.
  3. Enter the desired details and save the new case.
  4. Click the Search tab and enter the user name or phone number to search. The record appears in Salesforce. On terminating the call, the call log gets saved and assigned to the new Salesforce record.

Note: If you receive a call from an unknown contact, you must create a new record or manually assign the call log to the appropriate customer record during or after the call.