Set up Virtual Office for

Important: For administrators only.

Configuring to integrate with Virtual Office app is quick and simple. It is a one-time task for the administrator. Once configured, the app is available to all agents.

  1. Log in to account with admin privileges.
  2. Navigate to Admin > Settings > Site Settings.
  3. Enable Phone Integrations to ON.
  4. Navigate to Channels tab.
  5. Click the Phone tab.
  6. In Phone > General tab, set Phone Calls Enabled to ON.
  7. In Phone > Integrations tab, click Add Phone Integration and enter the following details:

    • Name: 8x8 VO Plugin
    • URL:
    • Height: 620
    • Width: 250

    Note: We recommend the height and width to be 620 and 250 for optimal viewing.

  8. Select agents who need the Virtual Office app by clicking on each agent individually.
  9. Click Update.
    With this, the configuration for integration is complete.
  10. To validate, change your role to NextGen Agent. From the header, click . The Virtual Office for app launches.
  11. Enter the credentials of your Virtual Office extension and sign in.