Overview: Virtual Office for Desk.com

8x8 Virtual Office for Desk.com gives you control of your 8x8 phone from within Desk.com, allowing you to combine the benefits of Desk.com with the capabilities of Virtual Office.

The application launches conveniently within Desk.com, enabling you to click-to-dial, quickly identify customers based on an inbound call (via records that pop up on an incoming or outgoing call), and improve the efficiency of logging calls. With these records, you can gain full insight into communications with any returning customer, and be prepared to follow up with them whenever they may call.


Using 8x8 Virtual Office for Desk.com, you can:

  • Manage customer phone calls from a convenient integrated app within Desk.com.
  • Record live conversations on demand for accurate data monitoring of your agent or customer interactions, and access the recordings from call logs via a link to call recordings.
  • Know who is calling before you accept the call, as well as see past interactions with the caller.
  • Quickly and intuitively log call details and follow-up tasks into Desk.com so account teams and management can stay abreast of customer and prospect communication.
  • Speed up deal closure and improve customer service with advanced call handling capabilities, such as call transfer and multiple party calling.
  • Quickly find and chat or talk with colleagues to serve customers faster or advance prospects through the sales process more quickly.


  • No click to answer from the app if you are not using a desk phone.
  • Due to existing issues with other browsers, we recommend using Google Chrome for the best user experience.
  • Performance is impacted by the number of browser tabs opened in Chrome. Users are encouraged to limit to five to seven browser tabs.
  • Does not support the inbound call features of ring groups, auto-attendant, and call queues. Users wishing for these features can access them with other Virtual Office solutions.
  • Virtual Office for Desk.com needs to be loaded fully for click-to-dial to work in Desk.com.


  • Available to Desk.com Next Gen agent only.
  • Login access to 8x8 Virtual Office extension.
  • Supported browsers: Chrome (PC and Mac)