Get started with Virtual Office for

Once you have access to, go through the following steps to get started:

Launch Virtual Office for

  1. Log in to
  2. Change your role to NextGen Agent. From the header, click . 8x8 Virtual Office for launches.
  3. Enter the credentials of Virtual Office extension and sign in.

    Note: You can move and position the app window within the browser.

    You are now logged into the app in Ready status.

    Important: Your status does not impact call activity in the Virtual Office extension.

Define settings

You can access if your administrator has granted permissions. Before you begin using the Virtual Office app, you can

To define these settings, click from the navigation menu.

Import contacts

You can import contacts from the 8x8 Virtual Office contact directory for a quick calling access. You can even search from the list.

Check to import contacts from the contact directory.

Determine screen pop-up

During an inbound call, the 8x8 Virtual Office app tracks if the caller is an existing user by searching the contacts database. On finding a matching record, it presents the record for you to preview and prepare for the call. This process is commonly referred to as screen pop.

Based on your preferences, you can select one of the following options:

  • When call is offered: Opens contact record when a call is offered.
  • When call is connected: Opens contact when a call is connected.
  • Do not open contact

Access call history

If you wish to access call activity associated with the contact, you can enable the option to Open call history in the Settings. It lists call history under Recent Calls .

Search phone for screen pop

By default, the phone number is matched against phone numbers in customer record. If you wish to search for phone number in company record, you can change it in Settings.

Tour the interface

The Virtual Office application interface consists of a navigation menu at the footer bar with the following menu items:

  • Dial Pad : Opens your phone dial pad.
  • Recent Calls : Lists all historic inbound and outbound calls to the extension.
  • Contacts : Lists contacts from the 8x8 Virtual Office contact directory.
  • Settings : Allows you to specify screen pop events, and load contacts.
  • More : Displays a menu with the following options.
    • Help opens the comprehensive online help that answers your questions about the app.
    • Send Feedback allows you to send feedback on the app to our team.

The dial pad interface provides status keys to set your status to receive calls or suspend call activity when working in

Set your status

The next step is to set your status. By setting your status in the app, you can allow or suspend phone calls in the environment. By default, you are set to Ready status.

  • Ready: allows inbound and outbound calls
  • Not Ready: Suspends call activity from the app

Note: Changing status to Not Ready does not prevent call activity on your extension phone. You can continue to handle calls from your extension phone.