Handle Calls

If your 8x8 Virtual Office extension uses only a softphone, you must log in to one of the following clients to handle calls:

Use the same credentials to log in to Virtual Office for Copper. If your Virtual Office extension is assigned with a desk phone, use the call control panel in the application to answer incoming and outgoing calls.

About Screen Pop

During an inbound or outbound call, Virtual Office for Copper looks up the phone number of the caller and then searches for a matching record in the CRM. On finding a matching record, it presents the record for you to preview and prepare for the call. This process is referred to as screen pop.

The search may return:

Place Calls

You can place calls to Virtual Office contacts and Copper records from the dial pad, record list, or call log in Virtual Office for Copper. In addition, you can click a record number directly from the record in Copper to launch calls in the integration.

Note: All outbound calls are two-legged calls. When you dial out, the call dials out to you first. Once you accept the call, the call dials out to the dialed party.

For phone numbers dialed from the dial pad, call log, or record list, the system looks up a matching record and pops it up for your preview. For details, see our content on screen pop.

Depending on the number you call, you go through one of three calling experiences:

Receive Calls

When you receive an inbound call, the app notifies you of an incoming call and indicates if the caller is a known record or not. When you receive a call, the system looks up a matching record and pops it up for your preview. For details, see our content on screen pop.

Depending on the caller number, you go through one of three calling experiences:

Use Call Controls

While on a call in Virtual Office for Copper, you have access to call controls that enhance your calling experience. Using the call controls, you can:

Log Calls

Upon terminating a call, Virtual Office for Copper generates a call log. The call log includes information such as the transaction ID, the time the call was answered, and the call duration. A call log is created for inbound and outbound interactions, and is automatically saved as a Task in Copper. These call logs are available for future reference and can be updated; you can access them by searching in Copper, or by opening the call details in Virtual Office for Copper and clicking the Notes icon.

Depending on the number of matches, call log can be linked to the end-user record as follows:

Track Incomplete Call Logs

We recommend that you complete and save your call logs immediately after a call ends; this ensures that the call log is as complete and accurate as possible. If agents are busy and unable to complete the call log activity immediately after the call, they can do so at their leisure by accessing the logs from Virtual Office for Copper.

To finish and save a previously-uncompleted call log:

  1. Open the Call log tab in the integration panel to see the list of recently handled calls.
  2. From the list of calls, hover over the desired call, and click the Notes icon to open the call log for further editing. A screen pops up in a new browser window.
  3. To the right of the screen, view the call log information. Edit the name field to an unassigned call, and confirm.