Tour the interface

The Virtual Office for Bullhorn interface consists of a navigation menu with the following menu items:

Under the VO tab, you can access:

  • Phone : Access your dial pad, view your active calls, and take notes to log calls.
  • Call Log : Access all historic inbound and outbound calls to the extension. From here, you can also access notes that you have created for each of your calls in Bullhorn.
  • Contacts : Access contacts from Bullhorn and the 8x8 Virtual Office contact directory.
  • More : Click to access the following option:
    • Logout: Log out of the app.
  • Settings : Customize your app settings.
    • Integrations > Bullhorn: Manage your Bullhorn integration settings for call logging and screen pop.
    • Locale: Specify your locale.
    • About: View details on your user extension and the app.

Under the Search tab, you can assign contacts to active calls with unknown numbers, or with numbers that have multiple contact matches.