Troubleshooting 8x8 Work for Agile CRM

Check out the following troubleshooting items for 8x8 Work for Agile CRM:

Inbound calls go straight to voicemail and/or cannot make outbound calls

Make sure you are logged in to the 8x8 Work desktop or mobile apps, or have a working desk phone.

Activity in 8x8 Work does not trigger anything in Agile CRM

  • Under Settings > Integrations > Agilecrm > connect in 8x8 Work for Agile CRM, make sure that you are connected to integration with Agile CRM.
  • Under Settings > Integrations > Agilecrm in the integration, enable the Auto Call Log option to automatically generate a call/chat log. A call log includes information about the time a call was initiated, terminated, duration and more. A chat log includes the chat transcript as well.
  • Make sure that a pop-up blocker is not preventing new tabs from opening from Agile CRM.

My screen pop fails while integrated with 8x8 Work

A screen pop failure is commonly attributed to browser caching issues, blocked pop-ups, and blocked websites.