Handle Calls

To receive or place calls using the 8x8 Contact Center app, you must:

The data lookup for searching the CRM is via a phone number.

About Screen Pop

During an inbound or outbound call, Virtual Contact Center for SugarCRM looks up the phone number of the caller and then searches for a matching record in the CRM. On finding a matching record, it presents the record for you to preview and prepare for the call. This process is referred to as screen pop.

The search may return:

Receive Calls

If the Virtual Contact Center for SugarCRM is open and you are in the Available state, the Phone tab blinks red, indicating an inbound interaction. When you receive a call, the system looks up a matching record and pops it up for your preview. For details, see our content on screen pop. Click the Phone tab to answer the incoming call.

When a call is offered, the Phone tab blinks red. If the caller is an existing customer, the end-user record opens in a browser tab as soon as the call is offered, allowing you to preview the customer details and prepare to greet accordingly.

To handle an incoming call:

  1. Click the Phone tab to answer the call. The end-user record opens in a browser tab, even if the Virtual Contact Center floater window is closed.
  2. Click the Search tab. The matching record is selected by default.
  3. Click to End call.

    If applicable, the post-processing time initiates. This is your time to add more notes for the call.

    Note: Your administrator sets the post-processing timer. If the post-processing countdown interval reaches zero, Virtual Contact Center for SugarCRM automatically sets your status to Available.

  4. Click End Post Processing, or wait for the call to terminate.

    At the termination of the call, a call log is automatically generated and pops in a new browser tab. The call log typically includes information on the transaction ID, call initiation time, call termination time, call duration, and more. If the call is recorded, the recording is accessible via a URL in the call log, but requires the API token generated in Virtual Contact Center Configuration Manager. Contact your administrator for the API token.

  5. Click Work Offline if you need more time to complete any post-processing tasks or add notes.

Place Calls

You can place outbound calls using Control Panel. Dial outbound calls from the Control Panel by simply entering the desired number in the Phone tab and clicking Dial. Using Control Panel, 8x8 Contact Center allows you to make outbound phone calls to:

The Agent Console uses a two-step process to dial an outbound call:

  1. Enter a customer phone number under the Phone tab in the 8x8 Contact Center and click Dial. Your agent telephone rings first.
  2. Answer the call. The call is then directed to the destination. Your external phone number rings next.
  3. If the phone number is linked to a contact, the contact record pops after the call connects.

Contact your supervisor for your contact center's policies to place outbound calls.

Use Call Controls

While on a call in Virtual Contact Center for SugarCRM you have access to call controls that enhance your calling experience. Using the call controls, you can:

Log Calls

Upon terminating a call, the 8x8 Contact Center app generates a call log. The call log includes information such as transaction ID, the time the call was answered, and the duration of the call. A call log is created for inbound and outbound interactions and automatically saved as a Call Record. The recorded call is supported and offered via a URL in the call log. To access the recorded call, you need the API token by your Virtual Contact Center administrator.

Depending on the number of matches, call log can be linked to the end-user record as follows: