Use chat in 8x8 Contact Center for ServiceNow

To receive or send chats using the integration app, you must:

  • Be a member of the queue to which the chat is routed.
  • Place yourself in the Available status.

To trigger a chat request, ServiceNow users must enter an email ID. If a match for the email ID is found in ServiceNow, the associated historical record is displayed on one of your tabs in Chrome. If there is no match, an incident opens up enabling you to note key details of your chat conversation.

To respond to an incoming chat:

  1. When a chat is offered, the Chat tab blinks red. Click the tab to accept the chat.
  2. If the incoming chat is from an existing ServiceNow user, the user record pops allowing you to preview the details.

    In the event of multiple matching records, 8x8 Contact Center integration app lists all possible matches in the Search tab. By default, the call log is associated with the top matching record in the list. If the default match is incorrect, you can select another record displayed in the list to associate the call with.

    Click the Search icon to view the call log (incident) details.

    For customers with no ServiceNow user matches, an incident opens at the conclusion of the chat for you to enter conversation details.

  3. Handle the chat interaction with the user.
  4. Click End to finish the chat conversation.

    Note: Your administrator sets the post-processing timer that appears after a call. If the post-processing countdown interval reaches zero, 8x8 Contact Center automatically sets your status to Available.

  5. If applicable, click End Post Processing, or wait for the chat to terminate.
  6. Add your chat conversation notes to the open incident report. The incident includes information about the time the chat was initiated, accepted, and terminated, along with the chat transcript.
  7. Click Work Offline if you need more time to complete any post-processing tasks.