Check Queue Assignments in 8x8 Contact Center for ServiceNow

To process phone or chat interactions from 8x8 Contact Center, you must be a member of both types of queues. If enabled for voicemail queues, you can process voicemail interactions regardless of whether you are also enabled for phone or chat.

Note: At this time, email queues for agents are not available with this version of 8x8 Contact Center for ServiceNow. Future versions will provide this capability.

Note: Phone queues are separately defined for inbound and outbound communications.

To check your queue assignments:

  1. From the Menu drop-down, select Profile. The My Profile page displays.
  2. In the Assigned Queues section, click the desired tab for phone, chat, or voicemail queues.
  3. Make sure your queue assignment is active by selecting the associated check box for the identified queue.
  4. Click Save.