Install 8x8 Contact Center for HubSpot

As a HubSpot agent, you can install 8x8 Contact Center for HubSpot as a Google Chrome extension. The first time the integration is opened after it is installed, you must authorize your HubSpot integration.

To install the integration:

  1. Go to the 8x8 Virtual Office for Integrations page in the Chrome web store.
  2. In the integration page, click Add to Chrome, and confirm.
  3. In HubSpot, go to Contacts. In the lower corner of the window, you see a new 8x8 button that gives access to the integration panel. The first time you click this button, you must authorize your integration.

Authorize your HubSpot integration

To authorize the integration you installed, verify your account and grant permissions to the integration.

To authorize your integration:

  1. The first time you open your integration panel, you may see a prompt to verify your HubSpot account. At the prompt, confirm the HubSpot account you created to open an integration permissions prompt.
  2. At the integration permissions prompt, confirm to grant the integration access to user and account information, and the ability to read and write tickets, contacts, and content.
  3. Upon confirming, you are ready to log in to the integration panel.