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To receive or place calls using Virtual Contact Center for HubSpot, you must:

What happens when I am offered a call?

If the application is open, the Phone tab blinks red, indicating an inbound interaction. Click to answer the phone, and the end-user record opens in a browser tab, even if you are in the Search tab of the integration rather than the VCC tab.

What is a typical inbound call flow?

  1. When a call is offered, the Phone tab blinks red.
  2. If the caller is an existing customer, the end-user record opens in a browser tab, allowing you to preview the customer details and prepare to greet accordingly.
  3. Answer the call.
  4. After processing the call, end the call. The post-processing time initiates. This is your time to wrap up notes for the call.

    Note: Your administrator sets the post-processing timer. If the post-processing countdown interval reaches zero, Virtual Contact Center automatically sets your status to Available.

  5. If applicable, click End Post Processing, or wait for the call to terminate.
  6. At the termination of the call, a call log is automatically generated and pops in a new browser tab. The call log typically includes information on the transaction ID, call initiation time, call termination time, call duration, and more.
  7. Mark the log complete by indicating the caller name and agent’s name.
  8. Click Work Offline if you need more time to complete any post-processing tasks or add notes.

What is the screen pop behavior for a phone call?

During an inbound call, Virtual Contact Center for HubSpot looks up the phone number of the caller and then searches for a matching record in the CRM. On finding a matching record, it presents the record for you to preview and prepare for the call. This process is referred to as screen pop.

Based on your configuration settings, the screen pop can occur:

The search may return:

What is the call log behavior?

Upon terminating a call, Virtual Contact Center for HubSpot generates a call log. The call log includes information such as transaction ID, the time the call was answered, and the duration of the call. A call log is created for inbound and outbound interactions and automatically saved as a ticket in HubSpot. You can change the status of the ticket to complete or any desired state.

Depending on the number of matches, a call log can be linked to the end-user record as follows:

How do I place an outbound call?

You can place outbound calls using:

How do I choose outbound phone codes?

If your contact center administrator has set up phone codes, you have to select the appropriate codes to apply the right calling line ID to your outbound calls.

To select outbound phone codes:

  1. Dial a number to call, and click Dial in the Control Panel. The outbound phone code list shows.
  2. Select a code from the list and click Dial. The calling line ID associated with the code applies to the call and the call dials out.


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