Change an agent's status

As a supervisor, you have the ability to monitor and change an agent’s status in 8x8 Supervisor Workspace. It allows you to set the correct status for your agents, and ensures your customers are routed to the appropriate agents. For example, you can log an agent out who forgot to do so at the end of their shift. Updating an agent's status will enable or disable them from receiving interactions. Hence, please make sure you are communicating any status changes to your agents.

To change an agent's status:

  1. Navigate to the Supervisor Workspace page.

  2. Locate the agent from the Agent summary window.
  3. Click the agent's avatar or select Show more ().

    Based on the agent's current status, some of these options are displayed:
    • Change status to 'Available': Select this option to enable an agent to receive new interactions.
    • Change status to 'Work Offline': Select this option to prevent an agent from receiving new interactions.
    • Change status to 'On Break': Select this option to prevent an agent from receiving new interactions while they are on a scheduled break.
    • Log Out: Select this option to log an agent out of 8x8 Agent Workspace.

  4. After making your selection, a confirmation window appears. Click Proceed to update the agent's status.