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Stream Your Meeting Live

To ensure that your presentation or webinar reaches the widest audience possible with the New Meetings Experience, you can stream your meeting live to YouTube. If more than 50 participants will be joining your meeting, create a shareable streaming link on YouTube ahead of time, and give the streaming link instead of the meeting URL to participants who will not be presenting during the meeting.

For details on streaming via YouTube, refer to the YouTube Help content on live streaming.

Note: Ensure that you are using a verified YouTube account to stream, as an account can take 24 hours to be verified before you are able to stream through it.
For details, see YouTube Help content on how to enable live streaming on your YouTube account.

To stream a meeting via YouTube:

  1. Click or tap the More actions icon to open a menu of advanced meeting controls and options.
  2. From the menu, click Start live stream to open a confirmation box.
  3. In the confirmation box:
  4. Confirm your choice to begin streaming your meeting.


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