Send and receive notifications

If you are logged into 8x8 Work for Mobile as an admin, through the Mobile Admin Dashboard > Notification center , you have the ability to:

  • Check notifications about platform status updates (outages or incidents).
  • Detect setup anomalies and notify.

Notification center features

Through Notification center , admins receive notifications about the system status and updates of certain components monitored by 8x8. In case of incidents, network admins can perform basic operations and react quickly.

Note: Admins can navigate the notifications timeline, but they cannot reply to these types of messages.

The notification center:

  • Supports several types of messages, read/unread status, delete, notification type subscription settings.
  • Displays the incident notifications for one week only. The system deletes the notifications older than one week.

Through the notification center, admins can receive the following type of messages :

  • Outage - red level - For one or multiple 8x8 services down.
  • Incident - orange level - For performance or other incidents as reported by the CS team.
  • Information - blue level - For example, to deliver various information to admins.
  • Normal update - green level - For example, when an outage ends or an incident is resolved.

Access details incidents

Admins can access and display details about the outages and incidents by accessing the notification center.

To access Notification Center (Alerts):

  1. While in the Mobile Admin Dashboard screen, tap the Alerts option in the header.
  2. In the Alerts screen, a list of the incident notifications displays.
  3. Tap the notification whose details you want to see.
  4. In a new screen that opens, the incident details displays. You can see a description of the incident, as well as the affected areas of the 8x8 platform.