Virtual Office Mobile App 6.4 for iOS - What's New?

Important: Virtual Office Mobile 7.0 is here. We have introduced a brand new user experience and more. To download the Virtual Office Mobile app 7.0, go to your app store. To learn more, click here.

In release 6.4, we have introduced the following enhancements:

IPv6 network improvementsSmooth calling experience for T-Mobile users on IPv6.

Support for CallKit for iOS10: iOS 10 users can now handle simultaneous Virtual Office and cellular calls with ease.

For details on the call behavior, refer to the FAQ article on how to handle simultaneous cellular and Virtual Office calls.

Note: 8x8 CallKit integration is applicable to iOS 10 users only.

Ability to join meeting audio on a cellular call: Users can automatically dial in to meeting audio using a cellular voice call.

Bug Fixes

For a list of the bugs fixed in this release, refer to our iOS release notes.

Previous Release Features

Release 6.3
  • Improved battery performance
  • Improved audio quality
  • Fewer missed calls
  • Compatible with iOS 10
Release 6.2
  • German language localization is available based on device settings.
  • Improved audio quality during poor network connections.
  • Improved performance in the call log, voicemail, fax, and IM/SMS screens.
  • Changed behavior in Conférences Virtual Office: Content sharing is available from the L'application de bureau Virtual Office, but can be viewed from the L'application mobile Virtual Office.
Release 6.1
Release 6.0
Release 5.1
  • Improved call connectivity when transitioning between Wi-Fi and cellular connections.
  • Ability to share debug logs via email and messaging. From the menu, go to Help > Log File for logs. You can share this log for debugging.
    Click here to learn more.
  • Updated voicemail offers a new experience and improved playback.
  • Ability to share faxes and voicemails via email, messaging, and other applications.
  • A call from another extension user on the PBX shows the extension number instead of the DID.
    This helps identify internal and external calls easily.
  • Offers a new user terms and conditions.
  • Automatically plays voicemail when selected from the list.
  • Prevents entering emojis in IM and SMS messages.
Release 5.0
  • New simplified navigation design.
  • Improved display on iPhone 6 and 6+.
  • Call quality reporting: Ability to track quality of calls handled by the L'application mobile Virtual Office using 8x8 Virtual Office Analytics.
  • HD voice (Pending PBX support): The high definition voice offers premium call quality.
  • Encrypted Calling: With support for encrypted calling, you can now enjoy better call quality without compromising on security.
    Contact 8x8 to purchase this premium feature.
Previous Releases

In previous releases, the L'application mobile Virtual Office introduced the following features:

  • Save Contacts to New Favorites Tab: Save your frequently used contacts to the Favorites tab for the quick access.
    Refer to Favorites for more details.
  • Filter Company Contacts by Group: Group company and personal contacts by tags such as Department and Location.
    By default, the option is disabled displaying company and personal contacts as a flat file. Refer to Grouping Contacts for more details.
  • Create Personal Contacts in the Contact de l'entreprise: Create new personal contacts and add them to the Contact de l'entreprise from the Company tab.
    Click here
    for details.
  • New Login Screen: The L'application mobile Virtual Office has a new login screen consistent with the L'application de bureau Virtual Office and Virtual Office : application en ligne.
    Refer to Login for more details.
  • Away Presence Status: Your status automatically changes to Away if you are logged in but inactive for a specified time.
    You can change your status to Away manually, but still receive calls on your phone. Refer to Presence Management for more status options.
  • SMS: Send instant text messages from your business phone number to clients, personal contacts, and co-workers using SMS and IM services from 8x8 Virtual Office.
    For details, click here.
  • Cellular Call Mode for Better Call Quality: With Cellular Call Mode, you can handle inbound and outbound calls over the cellular network and experience better call quality and call connection.
    On launching the upgraded version, you are automatically prompted to set up your preferred call mode.

    To change your call mode settings, follow the on-screen prompts.
    Click here for benefits and limitations of using mobile data network and cellular network.

    On your iOS device, you must enter the cell phone number manually.

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