Assign services and assets to 8x8 Cost Center

Assigning services and assets to the 8x8 Cost Center is the final step required for you to activate your Cost Center bill. In this step you include assets such as licenses in your bill. All the licenses are added and modified through a CSV template only and not the UI application. An asset setup template is sent to the email address on the account. Download and make changes to the template and save locally. At the end, upload and import the updated asset template.

Note: Asset management is handled using the template only.

To assign assets to the Cost Center:

  1. Log in to 8x8 Community Portal.
  2. Go to Billing > Cost Center Management.
  3. Open the Cost Center Assignment tab.
  4. Click Email Asset Setup Template.

    A template is emailed to the email address on the Cost Center account.

  5. Open your email account and click to download the template from your email. It is automatically saved in your local directory (Downloads folder) as a CSV file and is editable in Excel or Google Sheets.
  6. Update the fields of assets and save.

    You can simply copy and paste the fields from your Cost Center template. For example if you want to assign an X2 license to your San Jose Cost Center, copy the Cost Center reference and levels 1 to 5 from your Cost Center template to the assets template and save.

  7. Save the updated file in your local directory.
  8. Click Upload Files and select the newly updated template file.
  9. Click Import Asset Template. You will see the changes in your next billing statement. For details on how to view your statement, see View Billing Statements.