Select outbound phone codes

In 8x8 Contact Center, Outbound Phone CodesClosedOutbound Phone codes offer a means to set a specific calling line identifier (Caller ID) and optional outbound queue for outbound calls from your tenant. Outbound Phone Codes also may be used to track the purpose of an outbound call. are used for tracking the purpose of a call. Let's say your company is tracking the purpose of each outbound call by identifying if it is a pre-sales call, campaign-related call, internal call, and more. You can select an outbound phone code that best represents the purpose of each outbound call.

To select Outbound Phone Codes:

  1. In the Control Panel, enter a valid phone number. Click to dial out.
    You are presented with a list of codes indicating the reason for the call.
  2. Select a code and click Confirm and dial.
    The call is associated with the code indicating the purpose of the call which appears in historical reports for supervisors.

    Note: Once you select an outbound phone code, your selection is applied to the next call by default. If you must change the code, select Change. From the list of codes, select the desired code and click Confirm and dial.