Insert images in the case description

The CRM rich text editor in 8x8 Contact Center enables you to insert images while creating cases and follow-up records. In the Description field, you can choose to insert an image by placing the cursor in the desired location.

To insert an image in Case Description:

  1. From the Cases tab, click New Case or create a new follow-up.
  2. Enter the Subject and Description.
  3. In the Description field, place the cursor where you want to insert an image.
  4. Click from the menu. The Image Properties dialog box opens, prompting for a valid image URL.
  5. Note: You may be prompted to allow scripted windows by your browser. If prompted, click where instructed, and then click Temporarily Allow Scripted Windows in the contextual menu. Click again.

  6. Copy and paste the URL link of the page or image you would like to insert and enter a descriptive name for the image in the Alternative Text box.
    Alternatively, you can drag and drop your images or paste them from your clipboard quickly. When you embed a high resolution image in your case, a follow-up, or an FAQ, they are compressed automatically for faster processing and for saving bandwidth. If needed, open the Image Properties dialog box from the right-click menu to adjust the image size. The maximum size allowed for image attachments is 20 MB. With drag and drop, you can add images up to a maximum size of 10 MB.

    Known issue: Copying (Ctrl-C) and pasting (Ctrl-V) images is currently not supported on Internet Explorer 11. You can drag and drop the images.

  7. Click OK. The image at the specified URL gets inserted in the description field.