Insert FAQ responses into emails (New email experience)

If your 8x8 Contact Center maintains an FAQ knowledge base, you can extract the relevant data from the knowledge base and insert FAQ responses into an email to customers. Using these FAQ responses minimizes the agent's time in finding the right information, and maintains consistent delivery of information.

You can insert responses to FAQs in an email by browsing and searching through the FAQ knowledge base.

To insert an FAQ response in an email from the Control Panel:

  1. While crafting an email, click the Knowledge base icon from the bottom of the Control Panel.
  2. In the separate window that displays:
    1. Enter an FAQ shortcut in the search field and click Search. Shortcuts require prior definition for the FAQ item.
    2. Search or sort to locate the desired FAQ.
  3. Select the relevant FAQ response.
  4. Click Insert as link or Insert as text.
    The full text of the FAQ response is inserted into the email body.
  5. Note: FAQs which include attachments cannot be inserted as text in the email.

  6. Click Send .
    The email is sent to the customer.