Inbound email workflow

Email interactions flowing into 8x8 Contact Center stay in an email queue until an agent is available. When an agent is available, the longest-waiting email in the queue is offered to the agent. 8x8 Contact Center searches the Local CRM database for existing customer records based on email ID or case number. If the email is from an existing customer, the relevant customer record is presented to the agent via screen pop. In the absence of a matching record, a new customer record is created.

A screen pop occurs either before or after the agent accepts an interaction, based on the screen pop settings configured by the contact center administrator. The agent processes the email and may select transaction codes to indicate the disposition. Selecting transaction codes may be optional or mandatory based on the settings. The email processing ends, and the agent gets post-processing time for a final wrap-up. If codes are mandatory, the interaction stays in post-processing mode until codes are selected.

The sequence of events in an inbound email flow may be represented as follows: