Handle an inbound SMS interaction

Agents receive SMS interactions via chat queues they are serving. When agents are available, an SMS message received by a customer is routed via the SMS channel to a chat queue and offered to them. The chat tab blinks red, indicating an incoming interaction. An incoming SMS message has its own distinct icon. If the message is from an existing customer, the customer record pops. You can now review the customer details along with any historical cases. Accept the chat and interact with the customer. Once the interaction is indicated as complete by the customer, save the chat transcript and end the interaction. The chat log is saved as a case linked to the customer record.

To process an inbound SMS interaction:

  1. Log in to 8x8 Agent WorkspaceClosedThe brand new interface for 8x8 Contact Center agents to receive and process customer interactions. and change tour status to Available.
    The chat notification in the Control Panel indicates an incoming SMS interaction. If there is a customer match, the customer record pops. For new customers, a new customer record pops.
  2. Preview the record details and click to accept chat.
  3. Note: The reject interaction button is disabled if your contact center administrator has not granted the permission. This prevents agents from rejecting the interactions they are offered.

    Note: If you reject the chat, or fail to accept it before the acceptance interval lapses, your status is changed to Work Offline or on Break.

  4. Respond to the messages and complete the interaction with the customer. You can insert FAQs with text-only content.

    Note: Images or emojis are not supported.

  5. Click to send your message.
  6. After finishing the chat, click . The timer indicates the time for wrap-up.
  7. Select Go to disposition and select a call outcome.
  8. Click Wrap up.
  9. A chat log pops and includes the chat transcript. Edit the chat log case as desired, and save or save as a draft.