Create and edit tasks

If your contact center is configured to generate auto logs for voice interactions such as calls, voicemails, web callback, campaigns, etc. 8x8 Contact Center converts these logs to task records and associates them with the relevant customer records. These call logs are also referred to as system-generated tasks. For example, your contact center can be configured to generate an automatic call log as soon as a call is terminated, and save it as a task.

You can also create a task manually in 8x8 Contact Center to organize and help you track all interactions associated with a customer. A task can be created for a call, an email, a meeting, a chat, or any other type of interaction. The task object serves to create and manage all tasks you plan to perform, such as making calls and sending emails, or the tasks you have performed in the past.


  • Task fields are customizable. Administrators can add new fields, and edit existing fields.
  • Interaction logs for phone are created and saved as tasks.
  • Tasks are automatically created for all campaign calls that are processed.
  • Tasks are created for calls scheduled during a campaign.
  • An agent can create, view, edit, and search for tasks.
  • An agent can view all tasks assigned to them, and also list all tasks pertaining to a customer.
  • The transaction ID is cloned, but a new task ID is generated every time you clone.
  • Transaction codes associated with a call are added to the call log and saved in the customer record for easier access.
  • A new task ID is created, and all field values in the task form are cloned except the history, date and time the task is created, and date last modified.
  • If an agent tries to delete a parent task, a warning is shown to inform the user that the parent task and its information are being permanently deleted.
  • The parent task shows all tasks being cloned from the parent listed under the History tab.
  • Only one parent level is allowed for each cloning task.
  • The child task shows a link to the original task, next to the task number.
  • If a parent task is deleted, the child task shows the parent task in the history, but the link to the parent task is removed.
  • The agent can see the clone button only if the administrator has enabled the agent to edit and create tasks under User > Edit User > CRM & Tab permissions in Configuration Manager.

View system-generated tasks

If configured by your contact center's administrator, a voice interaction log appears upon termination of the interaction. Depending on your contact center's configuration, you may get the interaction log in edit or view mode. If it is an existing customer, the log is associated with the customer record automatically. For new customers, however, when saving the log, you are prompted to select a customer from the existing list. The log is then saved as a task under the customer record. If you were required to select a transaction code, the code appears in the Task window and makes the record more accessible in the future. If you have more than one transaction code, they appear separated by commas.

Note: AMD, CCB, and Auto-TCL services create system-generated transaction codes. Transaction codes record the outcome of each interactions using codes such as "Answer machine detected", "Call rejected", "Mobile number blocked", "Temporary failure", etc.

See Select transaction codes to learn how to select transaction codes during an interaction.

Create tasks manually

You can create independent tasks to schedule a phone call to a customer, and set a reminder. A reminder pops up a few minutes before the scheduled call. You can create a task in multiple ways:

  • Create an independent task: In the Tasks tab, you can create an independent task, or associate it with a customer.
  • Create a task for a customer: In the Customers tab, you can open a customer record, and create a new task. The task is automatically associated with that customer.
  • Clone a task: Replicate tasks with a click on the task form. This way, agents can clone a task, creating a new task ID, and associate each cloned task ID with the same original inbound transaction ID. Example use case:ClosedA receptionist at a dental clinic uses tasks to create appointments. Once he creates an appointment for a family member through a task, he can copy the task to create appointments for the rest of the family. Agents can increase their efficiency using the clone feature, eliminating the manual work of entering data, and speeding up the process.

Manage tasks

After you create and save a task, you can edit the information or delete a task record, provided that you have the delete and edit permissions. Contact your 8x8 Contact Center administrator to inquire about your permissions.

To edit a task:

  1. Click the Tasks tab. A list of tasks appears.
  2. Click one of the action items to view, edit, or delete the customer record.
    Select and open a task record from the list by clicking the task number. Click Edit at the bottom of the page.

View task history

You can view the task history including the details and changes a task has gone through since its creation.
Click the Tasks tab or go to the tasks nested under the customer record.

List the tasks of a customer

You can list all tasks pertaining to a customer record.

To list all tasks:

  1. Go to a customer record, and click Tasks.
    A list of all tasks associated with the customer record opens.
  2. Click any record to view the task details.