Create and edit customer records

8x8 Contact Center allows you to create a new customer record at any time using the New Customer link in the Customers tab, if your administrator has granted the necessary privileges. While processing an interaction, 8x8 Contact Center searches the Local CRM for existing matching data. In the absence of matching customer records, agents are prompted to enter a new record via screen pop.

The following describes the use of the default customer fields. Depending on how your contact center administrator has configured your Local CRM, the customer creation tool may display additional customer fields.

To create a customer record:

  1. Go to the Customers tab and click New Customer.
    8x8 Agent WorkspaceClosedThe brand new interface for 8x8 Contact Center agents to receive and process customer interactions. displays the Create New Customer page.
  2. Enter the customer's First Name and Last Name.
    You must specify the customer's name before you can save the new customer record.
  3. Enter the customer's Email address.
    You must specify the customer's email address before you can save the new customer record. Each customer email address must be unique. You can save email addresses that have up to 254 characters.
  4. Enter the customer's address in the Primary Address and Secondary Address areas.
  5. Select to Save the customer or Save as Draft.

Edit or delete customer records

After you create and save a customer record, you can edit the information or delete a customer record, provided that you have the permissions to delete and edit. Contact your 8x8 Contact Center administrator to learn about your permissions.

To edit or delete a customer record:

  1. Click the Customers tab. A list of customers appears.
  2. Click one of the action items available to view, edit or delete the customer record.
    Select and open a customer record from the list, then click Edit or Delete at the bottom of the page.

View customer records

When you open a customer record, you are able to view the customer details such as name and account number, as well as cases, tasks, and the history of changes made to the customer record.

Note: You can configure the order of columns in the result page to arrange them in a particular order. To change the order, select and drag the column to the desired location.

  • Customer details: Includes voice, email, company, phone, address, etc. The customer last name, first name, and account number appear as a link in title. Click Back to Customers to return to the customer list.
  • Case: Includes the cases or records of interactions with the customers created during or after an interaction. You can view cases in Table view or Unitary view. Table view lists all cases associated with the customer in a tabular format. Unitary view shows one case at a time, and can be navigated using the pagination tools. Table view is the default view when you first open cases.

    If a case is created as a result of an incoming email through the email channel, you are able to see the To, Cc, and Bcc fields in the details.
  • Task: Includes tasks such as calls, emails, meetings, chats, or any other type of contact made with a customer.
  • History: Includes the history of changes made to the customer record.