Accept transferred chats with contextual information

As an 8x8 Contact Center agent interacting with customers via chat, when you know who your customers are, what they’re looking for, and what they’ve already shared with another agent, you can serve them better and faster. Contextual information informs agents facilitating more productive conversations while handling customer issues. 8x8 Agent WorkspaceClosedThe brand new interface for 8x8 Contact Center agents to receive and process customer interactions. introduces the ability to hand off the conversation with interaction details when transferring a live chat.

Let’s say a contact center agent interacting with a customer via chat, has to transfer the customer to another department. Transfer the live chat interaction to another queue. Upon transfer, the agent receiving the transferred chat interaction can view the customer details gathered via the pre-chat form, name of the agent transferring the interaction, and the chat transcript from the conversation. With all this information, the second agent quickly reviews the customer information as well the context of the conversation, processes the chat interaction more effectively. At the termination of the chat, the chat log includes the original transaction ID along with the chat transcript. The chat log created with the first agent indicates the chat was transferred.

The transfer of information is supported throughout the customer journey, in a chain interaction where a chat interaction is transferred to and processed by multiple agents. Every agent receives the information until that point.

Note: The chat history is bound to the customer and the channel, so agents can see chat history from all previous interactions with the customer on the same channel. Agents cannot see what happened on another channel that the same customer might have used in the past.

Use Case

At AcmeJets, agent Robin accepts a chat request from customer Anna, who is looking for information regarding a recent sales order. AgentClosedAgents use the Agent Console to view and manage customer interactions. Virtual Contact Center supports Regular agents and Supervisor agents. Robin pulls up the order information and processes the request. Anna then has a product related question. Robin must now transfer the live chat to the support queue. He then informs Anna about the transfer and transfers the conversation to the support queue. Agent Pat receives the chat request, takes a quick look at the customer information collected during pre-chat, and accepts the chat to view the conversation details with agent Robin.