Access 8x8 Analytics for Contact Center for Supervisors

8x8 Analytics for Contact Center is a new generation tool that extracts raw contact center metrics and presents data in easily comprehensible visual charts.

8x8 Analytics for Contact Center provides industry-leading insights about the performance of your contact center. It is a web-based tool that provides enterprise-level analytics and democratization of information that can be used to make highly informed business decisions. This suite of services delivers easy-to-use, customizable and rapid insights into the historical and real-time information associated with contact center agents, queues, and channels. Granular details are available from a highly scalable data platform and can be viewed in a graphical or tabular format on any device. The reports are also exportable into Excel or CSV for further evaluation and archiving. 8x8 Contact Center brings powerful graphical tools that reveal actionable business information. 8x8 Analytics for Contact Center goes beyond traditional call center reporting. You can track the performance of your agents and contact center, and see how your customers are being served across all channels.

To access 8x8 Analytics for Contact Center from 8x8 Agent WorkspaceClosedThe brand new interface for 8x8 Contact Center agents to receive and process customer interactions., go to Menu > CC Analytics.

Using 8x8 Analytics for Contact Center, you can see information such as total number of transactions presented to the agent, the total number of accepted, rejected, or abandoned calls, total processing time, and so on.

To access and learn about the capabilities of 8x8 Analytics for Contact Center, refer to the 8x8 Analytics for Contact Center User Guide.


With 8x8 Analytics for Contact Center, you can:

  • Quickly identify significant trends in how you are serving your customers with at-a-glance visualizations.
  • Filter out noise and focus on the things that are impacting your customers’ experiences.
  • Identify highly-performing agents and those who need coaching or assistance.
  • Detect performance anomalies to catch issues before they become widespread.
  • Stay on top of your team’s performance, no matter where they are.