Insert signatures in case description

In 8x8 Contact Center, you can create elaborate HTML-formatted signatures to be rendered in the email notifications sent to customers by creating a signature in your profile, saving it, and inserting in the Description field of notification emails.

To create a signature:

  1. Go to Menu > Profile in the Control Panel.
  2. Under Personalization, create a signature using HTML tags.
    To create HTML tags you need to type a command before and after each line. Refer to the following table for most common examples:

    Command Formatting Action
    <b>...</b> Bold Text
    <i>...</i> Italic Text
    <u>...</u> Underline Text
    <sup>...</sup> Superscript: Smaller text placed below normal text
    <sub>...</sub> Subscript: Smaller text placed below normal text
    <small>...</small> Small: Fine print-style text

  3. Click Save.

To insert a signature in Case description:

  1. Click to open or Edit a case or follow-up.
  2. Under Details, place the cursor in the Description field where you wish to insert the signature.
  3. Click Insert Signature.
    Your HTML formatted signature gets inserted in the email content.

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