Add external contacts

8x8 Work administrators on X Series can now centrally maintain a directory of contacts that are external to their organization. These contacts are accessible to end-users in the contact directory of the following apps:

  • 8x8 Work for Desktop
  • 8x8 Work for Mobile
  • 8x8 Frontdesk
  • 8x8 Contact Center Agent Console


  • External contacts are not visible on the deskphone directory.
  • During bulk upload of contacts, file size is limited to 10 MB (~ 40000 contacts) per upload.
  • Custom labels on custom fields are not supported.

Bulk contact upload template fields

The following table lists the configuration fields (mandatory and non-mandatory) used to create contact in bulk.

Column Header



Purpose Allowed values and limitations Notes
Contact.FirstName R Given (First) name  
  • Free text, minimum two characters.
  • Valid special characters: ., &, -, _, ‘ .
User.LastName R Family name or last name maximum 30 characters
  • Free text, minimum two characters.
  • Valid special characters: ., &, -, _, ‘ .
NickName O Nickname    
Contact.Title O Contact's job title such as Sales Representative or Executive Assistant.  
  • Free text
  • Appears in the contact directory as the title.
Contact.Department O Contact's department such as Sales or Marketing.   Appears in the contact directory.
Contact.Location O Contact's location    
Contact.PhoneNumber O User's phone number including the country code. Multiple values with format number1 type1: number2 type2 where type can be WORK, MOBILE, HOME, OTHER, e.g. e.g. +12345678901 WORK: +447890123456 MOBILE
  • The user’s personal contact number such as cell phone. This number appears in the contact directory as the personal telephone number.
  • Excel interprets + prefix as a formula operator. Do not include the + prefix, or replace it with 00. For example, use 14088001500 instead of +14088001500, or 00442070966000 instead of +442070966000.
Contact.Emails O Contact emails address Single Email address Must be a valid email address.
Contact.Custom.Field1 O First custom field    
Contact.Custom.Field2 O Second custom field    
Contact.Custom.Field3 O Third custom field    
Contact.ContactID Required only if updating existing contact Unique ID from a previous Contacts Report download