Audit events

The Audit events feature in 8x8 Admin Console allows administrators to review configuration changes made to their 8x8 services over a period of up to 90 days, in 30-day increments. Use this feature to see who made a change, when the change was made, what type of change was made, and the details of the change. Currently, you can select to view the changes made to:

  • Users
  • Auto attendants
  • Call forwarding
  • Call queues
  • Phone numbers
  • Extensions
  • Ring groups

Note: You must have administrator privileges to access and view audit results.

As an administrator, you can:

Audit Events report column description:

Many columns provided in the Audit events CSV report contain internal identifiers (alphanumeric) to ensure consistency and strict accuracy of the audit data. In many cases, the human-readable version is available in the details column.

Note: Future releases of the Audit Report will also contain the human-readable form, where applicable, for those fields where it is not currently available.

The following table lists the fields displayed when creating the audit events viewer report. Download the .CSV report and save it locally for further use:



displayName The human-readable form of the entityKey (where applicable).
For example, if the entityType is user, this will contain the user’s first and last name
auditTimestamp The date/time (in UTC) when the event was registered.
eventType Specifies how the event changed/accessed the entity: create, update, delete, read, export.
service Specifies which 8x8 service was involved in the event. At the time of writing, only platform is available; platform refers to changes made in the 8x8 Admin Console.
entityKey The identifier of the entity that was changed/accessed in this audit event.
entityType Specifies the type of entity that was changed/accessed in this audit event.
For example, user, extension, and call forwarding.
auditUserId The identifier of the user who made the change (or accessed the record).
impersonator In rare cases where 8x8 agents make changes on behalf of customers (for example, as a result of a support request), the impersonator column will contain the identifier of the user who made the change.

Contains detailed information on which attributes of the changed entity were updated. This field is in JSON representation:

- The “new” object contains all of the newly-added attributes and the new value of changed attributes.

- The “old” object contains all of the deleted attributes and the old value of changed attributes.

correlationType When several changes are made to various entities as part of one change set, the correlationType displays the parent entity type.
For example, if an extension was assigned to a user during a user creation flow, the entityType would be “extension”, and the correlationType would be “user”.
correlationID The identifier of the parent entity of this change.