Know about 8x8 Contact Center-Enabled PBX and Sites

If your phone system includes 8x8 Contact Center services, it is important to understand the relationship between a VCC tenant and the phone system. A VCC tenant is linked to a single PBX only. The PBX to which a VCC tenant is linked to, is referred to as VCC enabled or Contact Center. Depending on your phone system configuration, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • Single-PBX Phone System: If your phone system has a single PBX and it is linked to a VCC tenant, then the PBX is VCC enabled. When you create a site within the VCC-enabled PBX, the site is automatically VCC enabled. When you create a VCC user, assign the user to the VCC-enabled (Contact Center) site. All VCC users must be assigned to a VCC-enabled site.
  • Multi-PBX Phone System: In a multi-PBX environment, creating sites and users must be planned ahead. In the Company page, you can view the VCC tenant name and the PBX name it is linked to. When you create a site which includes VCC users, you must ensure the site belongs to the VCC-enabled (Contact Center) PBX. While creating a VCC user, you must assign the user to a VCC-enabled site only. If you select a non VCC-enabled site, you will be disabled from assigning VCC services.

Create VCC-Enabled Sites and Users

Creating VCC-enabled (Contact Center) sites and users involve the following steps: