Allow Third-Party Integration

If you are integrating 8x8 Work or 8x8 Contact Center with an external CRM (such as NetSuite or Salesforce), enter the user's external identity such as CRM and username. Once saved, the user is able to use 8x8 Work services through external authentication. If you are using Single Sign-On support, external CRM users are automatically signed in to 8x8 Work integration once they log in to the CRM. It eliminates the need for a separate login.

Note: Users require a dedicated 8x8 Work integration plug-in or app on their third-party system.

To define users external identity:

  1. In 8x8 Admin Console, go to Home > Users.
  2. While creating or editing the user, scroll down to see Third-party integration.
  3. Select a Third party such as NetSuiteID, or Salesforce ID from the list.
  4. Enter the Username, the external party's email address.
  5. Click to save the user profile.