Set up External Calling Permission

Define the country to which the user will be making calls and whether or not the international dialing is enabled. Set up the external calling permission to help expedite dialing.

Define Calling Country

Determines the default calling country for the user created within a site, but can be overridden by the administrator at the user level. Calling country is not necessarily the home country, but often determined by the country the user calls the most. For example, if a user in US makes most of his calls to Germany, the calling country should be defined as Germany Numbering Plan.

To define calling country: 

  1. Go to Home > Users and open External calling permission.
  2. Find a Calling country from the list where the calls are dialed from.
  3. Select the External calling plan. External calling plan determines the type of calls a user can make, whether international, domestic, or emergency only. The external calling plan is tied with the Calling Country. If the calling country is defined as Germany Numbering Plan for a user based in US, an International calling plan is required for the user to make calls anywhere else in the world.
  4. Click to save the user profile.