Set up Call Forwarding Rules

Call forwarding rules or One Number Access (ONA) is used to forward the incoming calls to a desired individual or service. Call forwarding rules are accessible by administrators from within the 8x8 Admin Console, and by users from 8x8 Work for Desktop and 8x8 Work for Mobile.


  • When: Forward the incoming calls when the Internet connection is down, the user is busy or cannot answer the calls, or when the calls are coming from a caller whose number is blocked.
  • Where to: Choose to forward all calls to voicemail, another user, or a service. Maybe you do not like to forward any calls, but simply play a busy tone. Then clear the granular rules and do not forward any calls.
  • Who: Administrators can edit the existing call forwarding rules for a user or create a new rule.
  • How: Arrange the calls to be forwarded on a specific date and time or based on a recurring schedule. When defining the call forwarding rules, you can determine how long the call should be ringing, or select a few users and determine if you like their phones to ring sequentially or simultaneously:


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