Set up Group Call Pickup

With 8x8 Group Call Pickup, employees can answer incoming calls for other group members, without requiring the user to walk to their colleague’s phone.

Small offices or teams of coworkers sitting near each other can improve productivity with Group Call Pickup. Incoming calls to colleagues can be answered even when the person being called is not at their desk, and employees answering the call can pick it up from their own phone. Group Call Pickup is a great way to ensure calls are always answered promptly and customer service is at its best.

Group Call Pickup also works on the 8x8 Work for Desktop and 8x8 Work for Mobile, but does not allow remote monitoring.


  • Improve the availability of your teams and workgroups. Incoming calls can still be answered even when the intended caller is not available.
  • Improve productivity within your office. Any call pickup group member can pick up an incoming call without leaving their desk.
  • Ensure that calls are always answered promptly and customer service is at its best.
  • A user can belong to one or multiple Group Call Pickups.
  • Easy to administer and configure.
  • Only users with extension numbers assigned can be added to this group.
  • Set up and use Group Call Pickup on its own, or use with Line Keys for additional features.


Group Call Pickup does not support remote monitoring.


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