8x8 Click2Pop

Note: The Click2Pop installer has reached end-of-life; instead, take advantage of call info pop-ups with 8x8 Work for Desktop!

If your organization keeps track of customers on a site or in an application, you can configure 8x8 Work for Desktop to bring up additional information on the call number in your browser. Based on the phone number of an incoming call, the system extracts more information from a URL that you specify. For example, search for call number information on ServiceNow or Google, and view more context about the caller or the intended callee before you accept the call.

Let's say that the Acme Health organization uses an application to keep track of their customers, so that customer information is always on hand. By entering a URL appropriate to their application in 8x8 Work for Desktop, an agent or receptionist can set up call info pop-up to display one of the following:

  • Caller info pop-up: As an agent answering a call on behalf of the Acme Health veterinary branch, you can quickly view details on a caller, such as their last appointment, their pet's health history, and much more!
  • Callee info pop-up: As a receptionist for the greater Acme Health clinic, you can instantly identify whether a call is intended for the pediatric unit, the veterinary branch, or more!

Note: You can enable pop-ups for either inbound or outbound calls, but not both at once.

For details, see our content on setting up and using call info pop-ups.


  • Inbound and outbound calls on your 8x8 extension are received and placed as normal.
  • Simultaneously, the caller or callee ID phone number or name is searched by your selected website or CRM.
  • If a match is found, the contact with the matching telephone number or name pops up in your web browser.
  • Even if your browser is closed, callee or caller information opens in a new browser window.


8x8 Work for Desktop (click here to install)