8x8 Web Dialer

8x8 Web Dialer allows you to dial from any web page just by clicking on the phone number. Go from browsing the web to making a call in one easy click. Once you install the 8x8 Web Dialer, telephone numbers are highlighted in blue, and turn into clickable links. Click the number, and your call is dialed out using your 8x8 Work extension via 8x8 Work for Desktop. It can also run a web search on incoming caller’s phone numbers or Caller ID name when you receive a call and pop the results on your computer screen.

The 8x8 Web Dialer automatically highlights all phone numbers in your web browser as clickable links. Click any phone number in a web page to instantly place a call through your 8x8 Work app on Windows or Mac.


  • No more copy & pasting or re-typing phone numbers.
  • Save time on each call and avoid misdialed numbers.
  • Big spreadsheet of numbers to call? Save as an HTML file or load into Google Sheets, and open in your browser to create a clickable dialing directory.


  • Operating systems:
    • MAC OS X 10.6 or newer
    • Windows 7 or newer
  • Browsers:
    • Internet Explorer 10 & 11
    • Chrome 49+
    • Safari 9.1+

Note: The person installing 8x8 Web Dialer must have administrator rights to the computer.

What’s new?

  • Web Dialer 2.0 browser extensions now authenticate and route calls though 8x8 Work for Desktop instead of the 8x8 Click2Pop app.
  • Compatible with SAML and Google Single Sign-On, since users no longer need to log in to the Click2Pop application with an 8x8 username and password.
  • Highlights phone numbers in web pages using blue text instead of adding a green phone icon as the previous version did, which could disturb page formatting.
  • Phone numbers remain highlighted while the user is typing.
  • Improved accuracy identifying phone numbers in web pages.

Install 8x8 Web Dialer

8x8 Web Dialer is supported on Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari. To install the 8x8 Web Dialer, follow the instructions for your preferred browser:

On Chrome 

For new users:

  1. Install from the Chrome store.
  2. Click Add to Chrome.
  3. At the following prompt, click Add Extension
    The 8x8 Web Dialer is added to your Chrome extensions.
  4. Restart Chrome.

On Internet Explorer

Note: Requires Windows PC administrator rights to install this browser extension.

  1. If you have the current version of 8x8 Click2Pop, uninstall it.
  2. Download and run the MSI file.
  3. Once installation is complete, restart Internet Explorer.
  4. At the prompt, enable the 8x8 Web Dialer.
  5. If you have another dialer enabled, go to Settings > Manage Add-ons > Toolbars and Extensions.
  6. Disable the other dialers, and keep the 8x8 Web Dialer enabled.

On Safari

  1. If you have the current 8x8 Click2Pop browser extension installed, uninstall it.
  2. From the Safari menu, go to Preferences > Extensions > 8x8 Click2Pop.
  3. Click Uninstall, and confirm at the prompt.
  4. Download and open the installation file.
  5. If necessary, confirm at the prompt to install the plug-in.
    The plug-in appears in your Extensions list.

Use 8x8 Web Dialer

Once you install the 8x8 Web Dialer, phone numbers on your web pages are automatically highlighted in blue. Simply click the number and your call is dialed out via 8x8 Work for Desktop.