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Set up Your Network for VoIP

Before installing Voice-over-IP (VoIP), it is important to verify that there is adequate Internet bandwidth to support it, a properly configured Quality of Service (QoS) router for call quality, and a battery backup to protect you from power outages.

8x8 Top 10 Network Implementation Best Practices

8x8 provides the following best practices for implementing or troubleshooting your 8x8 service. These suggestions are for all sizes of networks and number of customers. Some may not apply to smaller deployments.

8x8 Network Utility

This is a useful utility to check your network configuration and check your connection quality. Please refer to the links below for more information. You can contact your 8x8 engineer to get license keys to use this utility. To install the utility, go to the 8x8 Network Utility download page. To learn more, please refer to our Network Utility and Diagnostics user guide.


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