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Set up Caller ID

A caller ID shows who is calling before you pick up the phone by displaying caller name and number on your phone screen. The internal caller ID provides the caller's number, and name when available. The external caller ID sends a caller's number and name to the recipients so that they can recognize the calling party. As a phone system administrator, you can set up or block the internal and external caller ID for each user. If the user is a member of a ring group or a call queue, they can select the corresponding caller ID when desired. Multiple users can share a caller ID, for example, all users in a small company can share the caller ID of the official company name and number so customers can identify the calls easily. Users can select from the available caller ID numbers or an anonymous caller ID from their profile. If you are porting a number, it must be validated before you can use it as the caller ID, or a temporary number for that porting order will be used until the porting number is validated.



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