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Set up Paging

Paging allows users to make announcements to a department or a team by dialing an extension or pressing the softkey on their activated Polycom or Cisco phones. 8x8 Virtual Office offers two types of paging:

Group Paging

Group intercom paging is used to make real-time announcements to a department, team or work area using the intercom feature on your Polycom and Cisco phones. Send a one-way message to specific paging groups or broadcast your page to all other Polycom or Cisco phones in your office. In order to access paging functionality, the user must have an activated Polycom or Cisco phone and be a member of the paging group. With Polycom phones, you can choose normal, emergency, or priority group.


Note: Paging group uses IP multicast to send group pages to all registered phones on the network at once. This technology requires all phones in a group page have access to the same multicast IP address. In most cases, it requires all phones receive their IP address from the same router. Geographically-dispersed phones that are serviced by separate routers do not support uniform access to intercom paging group.



Overhead Paging

With Virtual Office overhead paging system (also known as ZONE overhead paging) you can dial an extension number and connect to an announcement paging system. The announcement system is a one-way speaker system, such as an amplifier connecting to a speaker. After dialing the extension number associated with the overhead paging (and an optional password check), the caller can begin speaking immediately. See our Knowledgebase articles about Overhead Paging.





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