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Manage Call Recording

With call recording capability, 8x8 Virtual Office users can record calls, delete, and listen to their calls from their Virtual Office desktop app or Virtual Office mobile app. Phone system administrators can configure call recording settings per user. While creating a user, go to Call Recording and select the option to record the calls. If you allow users to record their calls selectively, they must manually press record when a call is offered to them. You can configure the call recording further if you want the system to announce recording to the user, or caller, before recording. Once a call is recorded, you can access it under the main menu's Call Recordings. For a quick access, filter it by date or user's name. If a user deletes a recorded call on their end, it still shows up for the supervisor and in the Configuration Manager. See how to set up call recording for each user.

Access Recorded Calls

As an administrator, you can access, delete, and listen to recordings made by users from Configuration Manager.

To access user's call recording:

  1. Open Call Recordings from the main menu.
    A new browser tab opens showing a list of recorded calls.
  2. You can play the recordings with a different speed, download, save and send them as an attachments.
  3. You can filter the recordings based on date and time, user, and the direction of the call.
  4. To download the call recordings, select the check boxes next to the call recordings on the list and click Download.
  5. To delete one call recording at a time, click and choose Delete Call Recording from the menu. Otherwise, select the check boxes next to the call recordings on the list and click Delete Call Recordings.


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