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Configure Screen Pop for Outbound Calls

You can set up screen pop for outbound calls. When agents place outbound calls by dialing a phone number to existing customers, screen pop can be triggered, displaying the relevant customer record. This allows for outbound screen pop for Custom CRM.

  1. Log in to Configuration Manager.
  2. Go to Integration > Screen Pop.
  3. From the list of target CRMs, select Custom.
  4. Enter URL: https<your tenant platform#>
  5. Append the desired parameters to the end of the URL.
    1. Combine additional parameters with <&>.
    2. Trigger a screen pop based on one of more of the following events:
      screen pop eventscreen pop parameter
      When agent is offeredpopOutboundAgentOffered=1
      When agent acceptspopOutboundAgentAccepted=1
      When destination is offeredpopOutboundDestOffered=1
      When destination acceptspopOutboundDestAnswered=1
      When call completespopOutboundCompleted=1
      When call terminatespopOutboundTerminated=1

Example: The following URL triggers screen pop when agent is offered the call, when destination party accepts the call, and when post processing is complete.


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