Ability to Clone Agent Groups

8x8 8x8 Contact Center now offers customers the ability to clone agent groups. With this new enhancement, administrators can copy the group name, default agent display name, recording functionality, ability to reject interactions, Phone Connection Mode, and Auto Answer settings with a simple click. Cloning agent groups allows 8x8 Contact Center administrators to create multiple agent groups in a short time. The assigned outbound code list is also copied for the new group. The default agent group remains the same until changed.

To clone an agent group:

  1. Log in to 8x8 Configuration Manager.
  2. Go to Agent Groups to display the list of groups.

  3. Select an agent group and click Copy.
    A single copy is generated. The cloned group has the original group name plus a number appended to the name. For example, Acme-Billing agent group becomes Acme-Billing -1, Acme-Billing -2, and so on. You can rename the group by going to the Agent Group > General > Group Name. The agent groups are listed in the alphabetical order, but you can sort and change their order.

    - Agents assigned to an agent group do not automatically transfer to the cloned agent group.
    - The cloned agent groups show up in the Agent Group reports.
    - Agents with Supervisor access can see all cloned agent groups assigned to them.

  4. If required, modify the agent group properties and Save.
  5. Make sure the right agent group is Set As Default.
  6. Click to delete the queue. A confirmation message appears for you to confirm.