Bug Fixes

We have fixed the following bugs in this release:

Bug Summary
VCC-37992 Persistent Connection Mode agents cannot put inbound caller on hold or go to line 2 if the enhanced ringtone is turned on. Agents cannot resume back to line1 inbound caller.
VCC-1770 Stay-on-call post call surveys drop the call for anonymous Inbound Caller.
VCC-27346 In Local CRM, images sent via email fail to display properly.
VCC-29636 Unable to answer a DAA call on Line 2.
VCC-31460 Customer-uploaded logo fails to show on Wallboard for tenants with Unified Login and Virtual Office.
VCC-31696 Some channels cannot fetch email from the inbox if the username includes a special character.
VCC-32374 Custom SMTP server test fails to work once you click the Test button and trying to contact server.
VCC-34331 In Agent Console, the Transactions report shows values greater than 100%.
VCC-34748 Tenants have an intermittent issue forcing agents to log out from the Supervisor monitoring window.
VCC-34766 Back-to-back click-to-dial calls while in post processing causes Agent Console to halt.
VCC-35039 Intermittent stats engine does not respond on RegusIST platforms.
VCC-35570 The scroll bar in the external chat window fails to show up for Mandatory long transaction code list.
VCC-35761 A part of email header shows up in the case description box of the Local CRM.
VCC-35835 Mandatory Transaction code (TCL) is not offered to the second agent after transfer.
VCC-35852 Channel filter displays incorrect options for the Status filter type.
VCC-35942 Loading an extra large call recording in the Monitoring window creates issues in Chrome browser.
VCC-36006 Basic users with no license assigned are not displayed in the Agent's company directory.
VCC-36220 Campaigns using “Daily Call Start & End Time” based on area codes are not presenting calls to the agent.
VCC-36797 Selected FAQ attachments fail to load.
VCC-36952 Unresponsive wallboard redirects to Configuration Manager login page.
VCC-36978 Recording API does not follow the correct timezone format.
VCC-37148 Call recording resumes when an agent pauses recording and drops off from a three-way conference call.
VCC-37257 In Agent Console, the agent monitoring window fails to update call data correctly for “From beginning of day”.
VCC-37293 Virtual Contact Center campaigns fail to dial the secondary contact numbers listed in the Local CRM.
VCC-37335 Email replies with attachments do not reach the recipient.
VCC-37352 In Agent Profile, the browser fails to play back the Interaction Sound.
VCC-37412 Mail fails to send when setting up custom SMTP server in Virtual Contact Center Configuration Manager.
VCC-37890 The email channel gives an error message after being upgraded.
VCC-38001 Bulk update in queue subscribe/unsubscribe breaks agent login.
VCC-38002 Changing the interaction priority in queue fails to work properly.
VCC-38223 CRM API throws an error when adding a new user in tenants with Virtual Contact Center Unified Login.
VCC-38383 In Agent Console, the chat FAQ scroll bar does not function correctly, preventing agents from reading across the full text.
VCC-39426 Large image files block subsequent email deliveries.
VCC-39482 In Local CRM, email text appears on one long line and not wrapping.
VCC-40957 Customer chat messages are not delivered to the agent.


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